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   Posted by: John

Lily and Baby


Doggie Fun

   Posted by: John

Yeah, the little dog is a characater, mostly good.  She thinks the bed is her playground.  Here’s a few pictures of her goofing around.

This is MY bed!

If I lay very still you can't see me...

Peek a boo!

When your back is turned...I'm going for the cat!

Actually, that last picture’s caption is true.  As soon as I turned and left…the dog loves to chew on the cat’s ears.


Doggie Demon Eyes

   Posted by: John

First of all, the phone has a camera in it, for still pictures and video.  Second, there is light that can be turned on for video use (as well as a flash for the camera, and a plain old flashlight). 

My youngest child was on the bed chucking a small toy off the end for the little dog to fetch.  (There is a cedar chest at the end of the bed, so that’s how the dog is able to get back up.)  I turned on the video camera, used the light…and the cute little doggie’s eyes turned demonic!


Doggone it!

   Posted by: John

The problem is…this is way too cute for her own good.

Crystal named her Baby.

So, her name is Baby.  Not one that I would have chosen, but she’s not my dog.  Personally, I liked Puddles.  That didn’t go over very well.

Karen did find a kennel, a nice big one for not a lot of money. 

Dog Cage

Now, would you be able to put something this cute…

Baby on the chair

…into that cage?

Proving that I am cold hearted and cruel…I can.

Don't feed the animals

I know…I’m a meanie.

But I just left her in there long enough to take the picture.