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ITG Annual Golf Tournament

   Posted by: John

My company hosts a trade show every year at Eagle Hills Golf Club.  It’s a big event where each hole on the course is sponsored by vendors and ITG departments.  Our clients and potential clients get to play golf, meet the vendors and have a little to drink.  OK, in some cases, a lot to drink.  I must admit that after hearing some of the stories of the previous 13 years I was a little worried about it.  But, it turned out fine.  I was asked to take some pictures.  I managed to get a golf cart, and surprisingly, it took a little over 3 hours to make it around the 18 holes.  A lot of waiting…waiting because a big client was coming by the hole next.  Waiting because someone was teeing off.  Waiting because I watched someone tee off and slice badly, and they were driving again and I didn’t want to get hit. 

Anyway, here are a few pictures of the ITG staff.  Click them to see them full size.

Nora and Betsy

Mark and Linda

Demetrius and his son

Lorren and Ed

Jeff and Betsy

Jim, Kellan and Lee

Abby and her sister Melanie, with Captain Jack Sparrow

This is the big event of the year for ITG.  Even our CEO came out to enjoy the golf and people.

Justin’s wife Tanessa did not come out, so we figured we needed to get a picture of Justin with the pirate girls to send to her, just to show her that Justin was indeed having a good time!

Melanie, Justin and Abby

Overall, it was a great day!  Rain the night before, but sunny and about 72 degrees.  The air was clean and fresh after the rain.  I think everyone had a great time!


The Redneck Office

   Posted by: John

One of the ladies in the office was out for several weeks following an injury.  She finally started making it back in this week, but can only do a few hours per day, and still can’t sit very well for any period of time.  We “adjusted” her desk to make it easier for her to work standing up.  It actually is working out very well, even if it does look like something that a country hick would put together.  The key word here is “TEMPORARY”. 

Don't works!

I quipped that I hadn’t played with building blocks since I was a kid!


I’m not used to this 8 hour work day stuff

   Posted by: John

As a result, I am tired tonight.  But it was a good day.  3 bug removals, but the last one has some underlying issues, like the motherboard is going to fail very soon…leaking caps around the CPU. 

I think I am going to like this place a lot.  Got my key-card for the door, a laptop, and a good look at some of the stuff they do.  Actually, I think I am going to have a blast.