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New Bed for Ashley

   Posted by: John

My daughter has wanted to get rid of her old pink Princess bed for awhile.  This is what happens when the teenager phase starts to kick in.  Besides, her mattresses were worn out and needed replacement.  She wanted a queen size bed but I did not think it would fit in her room.  Karen started shopping.  She found a very nice full mattress set for $150.  A place was using it for bed displays, still in the plastic and never used.  They tossed in the frame as well.  The girls found an nice inexpensive sleigh bed at one of the furniture stores, $199.  Good sheet set at Costco for $30, $100 at Walmart for a bed set, blanket and 4 pillows.  Then we found another blanket at Freddy’s on clearance for $8.  Grand total: $487.  Not bad at all for a complete new full bed and bedding.  The sleigh bed will not be in until Tuesday, but the rest of it is put together for her to sleep in.

New Stuff


Making it her own

   Posted by: John

Now that kid #2 is off on her own, the youngest finally has her own bathroom.  We went to Walmart (I know, shame on me!) and got her some stuff to put in it.  I was a little concerened about major color clash (and this coming from the hopelessly inept when it comes to colors and stuff) when we were at the store, but it turned out not to be a problem.

A Shower of Owls

Note the owl hooks as well.


Vehicle for Crystal

   Posted by: John

Well, we finally had to do it.  My poor old truck was starting to fall apart and Crystal has been putting $60-70 per week in gas into it just to get to work and back.  So we traded the truck on a 2002 Mitsubishi Galant.  (We were looking at a 2000 Civic but it had 194,000 miles on it and we could not get it financed.)  This one has 111,000 miles.  Very clean and appears to be well maintained.  Good tires too, so we will not have to worry about those for a couple years.  So long as she takes care of it I think she will have a good car for a few years.



It is always hard to tell until you drive a few thousand miles, but I think she ought to get 25 mpg or better.  Our city driving around this town is largely in 1/2 or 1 mile stretches unless you are downtown, which she does not go to very much.  For her two jobs, one is half freeway and half 1-mile stretches.  The other job is not freeway, but those same mile-long breaks or longer.  I see no reason why it would not do 25+ mpg.  The only reason it would not match or beat my Camry (which is averaging 28+) is because the gearing allows the engine to turn 2400 rpm at 65 instead of the 2100 the Camry does.  And lest you think I am comparing apples to oranges, the specs on these cars is nearly identical with the exception that the Camry is 125 pounds heavier and about 1.5 inches longer.


Crystal Graduates!

   Posted by: John

It’s official!  Crystal is a high school graduate!  Looked like about 400 in the graduating class, the first full class for Rocky Mountain High School. 

Getting the diploma

Flight of the purple caps

Tell me she isn't happy to be done


Crystal and Ashley

Yeah, we are happy to be done. Only one more to go!

Crystal sung a solo at the Rocky Mountain Choir concert last evening.  This is Ben Steinberg’s Sim Shalom, sung in Hebrew.  That’s right, no mic, and she still is not going all out.


Seen on the stairs

   Posted by: John

The Ghost of Ashley Present

Ever see a ghost stick out its tongue at you before?  Me either.


Crystal’s Senior Pictures

   Posted by: John

Taken at The Depot and Freak Alley, both in downtown Boise.  Click to see full size.



Crystal and Baby


Crystal and Baby behind The Depot

Crystal and Baby at The Depot

Crystal at Freak Alley

Crystal at Freak Alley

Crystal at Freak Alley

Crystal and Baby at Freak Alley


Doggie Play Time

   Posted by: John

One of the little toys that Crystal’s dog Baby has is a stuffed shark.  I think it is something she got at Walmart.  Anyway, it “lives” in the back yard and that goofy little dog will just run like crazy if you throw it for her.  For example…


That’s all well and good.  But what do you do for entertainment if the doggie is gone with the owner for the evening?  Why, substitute a kid for the dog of course!

And before anyone jumps all over my case…it was HER idea, not mine.


Memory Game

   Posted by: John

We went out for supper tonight.  While we were waiting for the food to arrive, I took out 2 of each color of these little packets and put them on the table.  Then I told my 11 year old that we were going to play the memory game.  She had to pick out each pair.

Pick the pairs

But she figured it out, picked out the 5 pairs and beat me.  Kid has a better memory than her dad!


State Vocal Competition

   Posted by: John

First of all, Crystal made it to state in February with this song.  We found out that she placed 1st in the district for mezzo-soprano.  Here she is singing it at the state competition.

Going back and listening to her sing this 2 months ago…this performance is far superior. 

Now, I am supposed to be biased, because I am Dad, but the previous 3 girls who sang…well, they were scared to death, and just did not do a good job.  2 of them sang this same piece.  If the other 17 do the same kind of thing, Crystal should win this easily.


Prom Night

   Posted by: John

Pictures of Crystal and some of her friends on Prom night last Saturday.

Crystal and her dog Baby

The girls

The girls


Crystal and her friend


Crystal’s 17th

   Posted by: John

Yup, she turned 17.  Can you believe it? 

Crystal at 17 years old

We had her party the weekend before, and she had a couple of friends over for cake and gifts.  

Barbara and Devon

This thing just cracked me up.  Like the original 8-ball, but the Hello Kitty edition. 

Hello Kitty 8-Ball

Someone got to her car! 

Hit and Run

So, Happy Birthday Crystal!