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Awesome Web Site

   Posted by: John

These days it is all about saving money at the grocery store.  My sister, Cathy, has been bragging about how she is saving all this money while shopping, but I have been struggling to get things going, so to speak, in the whole couponing and sales thing. 

While looking at a friends computer, we were talking about saving $$$ at the store, and she sent me to this website called Fabulessly Frugal.  It is run by a group of ladies who share all kinds of good information on how to shop and save money.  They list tons of information in a blog format every day.  Where the sales are, where the bargains are, what coupons are listed and can be used in combinations, etc.  Today, for example, are links to the lists of “Catalina” coupons that are available, extra ones that you get when you check out.  And there is information on how to use those in conjuction with other coupons, doublers, etc.  And, since it is a blog, other people will post bargains, share price info, success stories, etc as they shop. 

Check it out!