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Winter is not officially here yet…

   Posted by: John

Some pictures from a park, showing that Winter has arrived early this year.

Cold water

Cold trail

Complete with graffiti

Sit there and you will freeze your backside

Ice in the water

Leaves and snow

Frozen branches

More frozen branches

Frozen foliage

Low fence

Not so frozen geese

Naturally flocked tree

Frosty pine needles


Winter has arrived!

   Posted by: John

And it has brought with it cold, snow and cold.  The weather bookies are saying -1 tonight. Yuck!

Here’s some snow pictures though!

Snow in the back yard

Doggie trail...more like doggie hops

We won't be sitting here for a while

Front yard


Some bushes just seem to attract more snow


Wind Turbines

   Posted by: John

Coming back from Glenns Ferry one day I drove several miles up a back road called Oregon Trail Byway.  It went straight through a wind turbine farm.  There were several hundred of the things around.  I stopped right by one of them.  There was surprisingly little sound.  One thing you never see from a distance is the power regulator/transformer outside the tower.

Tower base


Big Bird Killers


Nasty Weather

   Posted by: John

We had a couple days of thunderstorms.  Rain, wind, hail, and general nastiness.  We needed the rain badly.  And I love a good thunderstorm.  Here’s a few pictures of the rain, sky, and aftermath from the trees taking a beating.


More raining

Sky during storm

Clouds during storm

Yard after hail

Driveway after rain


Along the Way Back from Oregon

   Posted by: John

I stopped a couple places along Highway 20 on the way back home and got these shots.  The South Santiam river is very pretty, even though there is very little water in it.

River and sky

Water and rock and trees...oh my!

Lava rocks along the road

Trees, upright and fallen


A Few Good Pictures

   Posted by: John

While visiting my sister last week I took a bunch of pictures, but I also spent a lot of time messing with settings and often took many pictures of the same thing.  But, here are a few that I took that turned out good. 

Street corner where I grew up

Out the back and across the fields

Neighbor's barn

Apples on a tree in the field

Chair in the field

Getting ready to rain




   Posted by: John

The only benefit of having so much smoke in the air is that sunrise and sunset are very colorful.  Here’s this morning’ sunrise.

Getting ready to peek over the mountain

Behind a tree


Sunset Pictures

   Posted by: John

Taken from my sister’s back yard.


Fading to Orange

In between trees

Tree and star

Tree, blue and orange

Fading to red

Moon over the trees

Last gasp



   Posted by: John

Just a few random pictures.


Hay Bales


Silo Sunset

Half a Moon Away...

Lazy Lily


Another Road Trip

   Posted by: John

I had to go to Twin Falls to work on a client’s server last Saturday.  I took the camera, and got these shots on the way there.  I left early enough to get them.  Water and rocks mostly with a couple of other things thrown in for variety.

Water and bridge in a canyon


Small waterfall

Green water...

The Bridge


Big and little

Looking across lots of rocks

Rocky road


I took the neutral density filter with me to try out.  Here’s a picture of a waterfall without the ND filter on it.

Waterfall without filter

Here it is again, with the ND filter.  The water looks a lot different!

Waterfall with filter

That in itself is pretty cool, but I think this one turned out even better.

Flowing water


Camera Road Trip…and Dam It!!

   Posted by: John

I decided to take a drive with the camera today.  I had initially thought I would drive up Hwy 21 to Idaho City then across to Horseshoe Bend and back.  However, I made a detour before I got to Idaho City.  After cruising gravel/dirt roads for 3 hours I got to the road that I would have been had I gone through Idaho City.  It was very scenic along the way, forest land and a river alongside the road. 

Before ever getting to that point, however, there are a couple of dams on the river just a few miles up Hwy 21 from the freeway.  The lower one is smaller and houses a small power station. 

Power Station

Power Station and Spillway

Water leaving generator station

Water exit


Power house from the reservoir side

Reservoir side of the spillway

The larger dam also has a power station and the lake behind it is much larger.  Yup, that speck out there is a boat. 

Lucky Peak Lake


Speaking of boats, going farther up the road, after crossing a bridge, you turn right on Forest Service road NF-268 and it takes you past a very large docking area.  I went about a half mile past and found a great spot to shoot the marina. 

Marina with boats

There were a few boats on the lake, but this one was pretty cute.

Calling Captain Ahab...

Cute boat


River and Trees

   Posted by: John

It’s kind of funny how when you are out in the sticks driving down a gravel road alongside a river in the forest…that you would take pictures of the rivers, rocks and trees!  Being there was awesome and there were so many pretty spots.  Then, when you sit down to look at the pictures, you realize “Oh, I took a lot of pictures of the same thing!”

Goes with the territory I guess.

Anyway,  here are a few of the river, rocks and trees along the gravel road.

Looking down the river

Rocks, trees and water

A bridges goes across it

Live trees and dead trees

Rock Island

Look West

Shadow Layers

Too much water around the trees causes all kinds of problems.  These two examples are lucky trees…so far.  They are hanging on, but much more erosion and it will be all for them.

Hanging on...

Tree roots

This one lost the battle.

Game over